You’ll have bragging rights for years

Have you always wanted to skydive? Fulfill your dreams by planning an adventure with Skydive Louisiana. We offer several types of jumps and trainings, including:

  • Tandem jumps
  • Accelerated free falls (AFF) *For advanced students only

Tandem jumps are our most popular options and don’t require any previous experience. Call 318-464-5867 to make a reservation.



the memory forever

Do you want proof that you really did it? Skydive Louisiana will shoot a high-quality video and still pictures for $60. Your instructor will jump out of the plane with you and film and shoot pictures of your entire fall. Your video will have two clips of your jump:

• Normal speed with music
• Slow mode with music

Also, pre-jump, getting ready for takeoff, the plane ride and of course after the parachute opens!!

You will receive your video 15 to 20 minutes after your jump so you can take it home and show your family and friends. Do you want to see some videos we’ve made in the past? Check out our YouTube channel.


reasons to go skydiving

Need an extra push to make the jump? Let us help. You should go skydiving to:

  1. Take someone on the adventure of a lifetime.
  2. Check something off your bucket list.
  3. Conquer one of your fears.
  4. See a stunning view of the Ark/LA/Tex.
  5. Get the coolest photo of yourself.

Whatever your reason, you’re in great hands when you choose Skydive Louisiana for your skydiving adventure. Whether it’s your first time, or you’re an adrenaline junkie on your hundredth jump, Skydive Louisiana will make sure you have fun and stay safe. Call 318-464-5867 to speak with a Skydive Louisiana instructor.

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